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Suz Lore thought she had everything she wanted, a job as an engineer and a position on a colony ship headed to another planet. That was before her arranged ménage marriage with Robert Smith and David Bradford turned into a disaster. She’d thought they were building more than a sizzling sexual relationship, but all they do is argue now. She isn't surprised when they're sequestered in a room in order to reignite the passion between them and learn to trust again. Robert believes she betrayed him while David is stuck in the middle of their conflict. Getting Robert to talk about what made him angry is difficult, but they discover there's far more behind their problems than a message with misleading information. A virus has overtaken the ship's computers, put them on a different heading and cut them off from all communication. They must work together to find a way to survive and rebuild their relationship.

Excerpt (Rated PG)

“Because I thought before I reacted to that inflammatory message. On top of that, this isn’t new to me. My brothers somehow managed to develop completely opposite personalities and fought almost every time they saw each other.” David walked over to stand near Susanne. “I also realized that that message could have just as easily been about me.”
“What do you mean it could have been about you?” Suz frowned. Did he mean that he also had someone influential in his family, or was there something else in the message that could apply to him?
“I mean that my family might not be powerful, but my father has a couple of powerful friends. If your friend had sent that message about me, would you react as strongly as you have to her? Or is it simply because you were fucking her, maybe beginning to have feelings for her?” David raised an eyebrow as he looked over at Robert.
“It wasn’t about you, so I don’t know. As for my reaction, there’s nothing to think about. Everything in that note was clear.” Robert shook his head.
“The one fact in the message may have been true, but that doesn’t mean that it was all true. You never asked me a single question. Even when we’re in this room and won’t get out without some type of resolution, you sit there in judgment with only one side of the story.” She rolled to the side of the bed and stood.
Anger pounded through her. Her heartbeat raced and she knew that her face was probably red. She tried to calm down. David put a hand on her arm. His fingers squeezed. When she looked over at him, she saw him smile. She appreciated the support.
“You expect me to believe that you’re innocent?” He raised a brow and the sneer on his lips clearly conveyed doubt and distaste.
As she stared at Robert, her own anger surged forward. Why the hell had he jumped to this conclusion? And why was it so black and white? She was either guilty or innocent. There had to be more than anger behind this.
Her control snapped. This tantrum had gone on long enough. While she understood his initial reaction, she shouldn’t let him continue, even if she had to tie him down and gag him. Something had happened in his past, but she wouldn’t let that deter her. Emotion pushed energy through her clearing away the remaining sleepiness. She rounded the bed and stood in front of him.
“I know I’m not the type of woman you would choose and you’re the last man I’d pick. That’s fine. But if you want answers, if you plan to get out of this damn box anytime soon, you’ll have to ask me the questions. After everything you’ve done, I won’t volunteer any information.”
Both Robert and David looked at her as if they were stunned for a moment. Alright, maybe they had a reason for that. She might not have responded much to any of his baiting earlier, but his continued stubbornness, even when they were in a situation where they had to find a way to fix their problems, infuriated her.
David grinned. “He does take an adjustment to your thinking, doesn’t he? Such a sweet personality, too.”
“What? You’re not going to tell her to sit down and listen?” Robert scowled.

“I’m surprised she hasn’t snapped at you before.” David rounded the bed and stopped next to her. “I don’t think he’s ready to ask any questions, yet. Not the polite way.”

Author Bio
A voracious reader since childhood, Rebecca Airies has always enjoyed getting lost in the fantastic worlds of science fiction, horror, fantasy and romance. When she began to write her own stories, they always had a romantic edge.
Rebecca currently lives in Texas and writes with the help of a couple feline critics. She’s a multi-published author whose muse loves fantasy, sci-fi and the paranormal, as well as strong heroines who are sometimes as stubborn as their heroes. She loves to here from her readers. Email her at

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